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The club welcomes new members and is willing to give maximum support to the novice.  Why not join us!  Download an application form below

Membership subscriptions become due on 1st January every year.
Please send all applications and renewals to:-

Mrs. Sue Danks

9, Weston Heath,

Weston Under Redcastle,





Members are invited to submit articles for the Club magazine.  The Editor would be pleased to receive any item of interest.
Please send to:-  Mrs Sue Danks
Email:-   Telephone: 01939 210455

Fully paid up members are invited to submit their web site banner with link to their own web page to be displayed here for as long as they remain fully paid up members.  There will be a one-off fee of 5-00p for this facility.  The fee will also be payable in order to renew a member’s banner should they change their URL or address.  Please send your details with cheques to Mrs Celia De Martino at the address above.  Your details may also be emailed to:- 

Contact Members

Prefix Breeds Kept Name County Phone/Email Web Link
CHAIR PERSON   Mrs Pat Parrish  
BRANDYWELL Pewter Mrs Pat Perkins    
ONNYDALE Exotic Mrs Brenda Gray    
CRYSTALROSE Cameo/Smoke Kirsty & Andrew Johnson    
PRITIPEACHES Smoke Maxine Chambers    
 -------- Cameo Mrs Christine Bridges      
 -------- Cameo Rebecca Bridges       
OCCLESTONE Chinchillas Mr. & Mrs. Ollier
REMILAKAT Cameo and Pewter
Mr. Ed Merchant & Dr. Francis Tseng

01159 780350

SOOPURRKITS Cameos, Pewters and Smokes

Celia De Martino


01480 381845

TAMOSAH  Pewters and Chinchillas Mrs. S Danks Shropshire




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